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Sport Centre at Agia Fyla

Agia Fyla Sport Centre
Plot of land 271, 272, 273, 275, 275 
Preliminary Study
Planning for the configuration of the municipal property at Agia Fyla to a Sport Multi-Centre

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a. Development concept:

Through the development of the referred plots of land, Limassol Municipality has the potential to realise an important set target, giving the opportunity of exercise and healthy employment to all the citizens of the Agia Fyla area. 
With the creation of the Sport Centre, which will be able to serve the wider area of Limassol, the Municipality is prepared to use a space of about 60.000 sq.m. 
The proposed development makes use of special landscape characteristics: its natural hollow and height differences, combining a variety of sports at a place which springs out of its morphology and harmony with the environment.  
At the same time, the enrichment of green spaces could be achieved by the planting of new trees, mainly of indigenous character.
The setting of the two main stadiums, (dimensions: FIFA 45x90m.) which will serve lower league football teams, which will take place at the most level surfaces, exploiting the height difference of the hillside with the creation of four-tiered grandstands.
The two stadiums (dimensions: 18x30m.) will be created using the lower plateau on the north-eastern hill, which will convert to a single mini football stadium. 
On the natural “curves” of the north-eastern hill a pedestrian path will be created which will lead to a small cafe and the public toilets. 
The service of the cafe could contribute to the management of the whole area. 
Parking space arrangement is essential for the proper operation of the Sport Centre and the prevention of parking problems at the adjacent plot of land.


b. Characteristics of the site:

The plots of land are governed by the provisions of the town-planning zone Da4:

Building density - 10%
Levels – 2
Height – 7 m
The examined plots of the land are 59 869 sq.m. 

Permitted uses

Open green spaces, sports, park.


c. Development description: 

1.The preliminary study on the development has to do with the creation of:
- 2 football stadiums (FIFA 45x90m.) with the optional four tiered seats, alongside the court sides where the natural ground creates with the suitable inclination, the changing rooms and toilets under the stands.  
- 2 stadiums (30x18m) for sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball.
- 2 parking areas for 130 vehicles
- A Cafe with public toilets
- A pedestrian pathway for jogging integrated into the natural form of the landscape.     

2. Suggestions for the creation of additional activities

- Climbing wall
- Skate Park 
- BMX (bicycles) Park
- Playground

d. Rain-water Management:

Due to the natural hollow of the area, in order for the proposed development to be operative, rain-water should be managed in collaboration with the responsible departments (SBLA, Water Development Department).


e. General:

The development on the particular land in relation to the use of the Sport Centre provides the opportunity for a variety of sports, serving therefore people of different needs. With this in mind, the space will appeal to both families and groups of friends, allowing people to engage in a diverse range of activities.

Additionally, the efficiency of the space in relation to its management and maintenance should be studied. Maintenance expenses are an issue to be dealt with at the immediate operation of the Centre. It can be addressed by the management of the canteen/cafe.


f. Preliminary Estimation:

According to the Preliminary Study and the Planning for the development of the Municipal property at Agia Fyla to a Sport Centre, the estimated cost of implementation is  € 2.852.000.00 (Two million eight hundred fifty-two thousand Euro). The cost was estimated with the current prices of 2010 .