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The works currently taking place, aim at the reformation of the present unattended riverbed of the Garillis River. There will be designed interventions for reformation, organizing and traffic managing which leads to a connection with a cycling path, pedestrian path and the reformation of the river into a linear park. 

The beautification of the riverbed covers a 5,5 km distance from the Old Limassol Port to the north limits of the Kato Polemidia municipality and from the junction south of the 2nd Technical School to Ayias Filaxeos Street, west of the Lanition Stadium.

The works take place along the riverbed and it will generally consist of the following:

  • Construction of a cycling and pedestrian path
  • Sewerage system
  • Linear park on the banks of the river, where possible, based on the existing width of the bank of the river
  • Arrangement of small squares and playgrounds in various places, which will be suitable for public gatherings and social events, based on the existing width of the bank of the river. These areas shall also be used as areas for rest by the pedestrians and visitors.  
  • Planting of trees
  • Construction of walls where necessary
  • Renovation of the existing bridges and construction of new wooden ones in various points around the park. These bridges will enable all pedestrians or cyclists to move across the banks of the river.
  • Installation of lighting giving a welcoming air to the park so that it can also be used during the evenings.
  • Pedestrian crossings for the safe access of the public to and from the various traffic points
  • Preservation of the morphology of the natural surroundings and the physiognomy of the bank of the river without constraining the natural flow of the river
  • Visual and functional linking of the river to the domestic areas it runs through

The planning takes place according to each area and the relevant surroundings.

The reformation will significantly contribute to the elimination of the existing unacceptable situation of the Garillis River. It will also help to prevent indifferent citizens from throwing all sorts of garbage in the river. Furthermore, any form of contamination of the bank will be entirely eliminated.

The Garillis River is known as an important geophysical natural point. Its reformation not only as a pedestrian’s path and a cyclist’s path but also as a linear park will benefit both the surrounding housing areas and the broader river area.

The reformation provides with a safe path for cyclists, both for exercise and leisure, as well as an alternative means of traveling from the northern neighbourhoods to the city shopping centre, the Marina, the Old Port and the sea front. It will be widely used by school and university students and generally by many young people, who live in the northern part of the city and who work or study in the city centre. The project will be particularly useful to the students of the Technological University of Limassol who will have easy and quick access to the Campus.

It will create and develop the cyclist and pedestrian paths of the city, aiming at attracting visitors and tourists to enjoy a new, different route.

Finally, it will greatly contribute to the reformation of an abandoned, unappreciated and misunderstood area and it will bring a new wind of change to the neighbourhoods which have only a few parks.