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Solon Michaelides RecordSolon Michaelides Record

The Public Library of Limassol is one of the largest libraries in Cyprus with 60, 000 volumes. The Library is available not only to the general readers but also to the school and university students, to foreigners, to visitors and to the residents of the town. The Library also offers a large remarkable children’s department.  

Cypriological Department

The Public Library of Limassol is particularly distinguished for the priceless Cypriological Department which is of immense importance. It includes rare Cypriot editions, old and often complete series of magazines and newspapers – of local and national range – dating back to the last decades of the 19th century. The Limassol magazine “Avgi” – (dawn)- is preserved in an original full series only in the Public Library of Limassol.

The Library is regularly enriched with newspapers, literary magazines, scientific year books as well as Cypriological editions.



The building is under renovation and the Municipal Library is temporarily operating at the Municipal Gallery building, at the sea front.