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1.      Limassol Wine Festival (59 years) 1961 - 2011
A book on the Golden Jubilee of the Wine Festival of Limassol.
The Wine Festival, from its beginning in 1961 to the present day, constitutes both a useful resource and a valuable tool towards better understanding and studying of the industrial, economic, social and cultural life of Cyprus.
The 50th anniversary of a successful, long-running event which manifests how attached the Limassolians are with their city.
Price €30.-
2.      Maniera Cypria – Lemesos: Fabula, Historia, Memoria
Ancient findings, unearthed from Amathus, Pyrgos, Erimi, Episkopi and Kourion, representative works of medieval sgraffito, glazed ware and byzantine iconography, from the Limassol district (Monagri, Koilani, Pelendri, Amiantos, Arakapas) are set aside and converse with creations by contemporary Cypriot visual artists, which bear and further elaborate on the collective historical, mythological and hagiographical past of the place, drawing on forms and concepts of the Maniera Cypria of the past and giving rise to the Maniera Cypria of today.
Price €15.-
3.Limassol a new era

For the sustainable development of the town
Like all living organisms, cities change, grow and develop.  After much work and a great effort, Limassol is realizing its vision for a new era.  From the historic town centre in all four directions of the compass, Limassol has changed, through proper planning based on a clear vision and rationale.
The purpose of this publication is to inform resident about the new face of our town.
The books can be purchased either from Limassol Municipality or from selected bookshops