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The Limassol Municipality intends to improve the standing situation due to the rampant tree-planting on pavements and has decided to draft a policy on tree-planting so far as well as recently. The above-mentioned policy's keystone is tree-planting on pavements, where their width is convenient for doing so and in such a way as to ensure the unhindered access by all the pedestrians, the people with motion problems, the wheel-chairs and the trundles. Therefore, the pavement's width is required to measure at least 120cm.



  1. The palm trees and the phycos on the pavements will gradually be replaced by other trees to avoid the problems already occurred.
  2. Wherever the width of the pavement is convenient, trees as described in the relevant list attached to this informative leaflet, will be planted
  3. As far as the kinds of trees are concerned, efforts will be made to ensure as best as possible, uniformity per street or per neighbourhood.


  1. Tree-planting should take place provided the pavements' width is more that 2m, so that at least a 120cm free space should still be available after tree-planting.
  2. The water basin around the tree should be 20cm away from the plot edge or the fence; its dimensions should be 60x60cm and it should also be situated on the same level with the pavement's
  3. Placing bricks or other decoration or block material around the water basin of the tree is forbidden
  4. Should be any further development projects, the tree-planting authorisation on the pavements will be required as being part of the application for construction permission. The development analyst will suggest a pattern related to tree-planting as well as their kinds, which is to meet the relevant tree-planting and looking after guidelines given by the Limassol Municipality in the context of this policy.
  5. Should be necessary to consider existing developmental projects, a similar schedule will be followed; the citizens who wish to encourage this tree-planting practice on the pavement outside their house or shop, they are kindly requested to apply accordingly to the Limassol Municipality. The formal details provided comprise the kind of trees, their number and exact position, as well as the tree-planting and looking after is concerned, they should meet the guidelines drafted by the Municipality's Technical Department to this end.
  6. The tree pruning will be undertaken by the Municipality considering their kind and following an application submitted by the interested citizen. In no case should tree pruning take place more than once a year.
  7. The citizens are therefore encouraged to water the trees on the pavement of their house or shop, considering however the water-saving policy.
  8. Wherever the pavement's width is not convenient, the citizens are encouraged to have trees planted on the other side of their fencing wall by the pavement.
  9. A list of the various kinds of trees you are authorised to plant is provided below.

Amstel King

Quercus Ilex

Pinus Pinea

Cupressus Sempervireus "Pyramidalis"


Albizia Julibrissin

Acer Negundo

Acer Platanoides

Acer Pseudoplatanus

Robinia Pseudoacacia

Robinia Pseudoacacia "Bessoniana"

Melia Azedarach

Robinia Pseudoacacia "Decaisneana"

Gleditschia Triacanthos

Flame Tree

Sophora Japonica

Erythrina Poeppigiana

Jacaranda Mimisaefolia

Catalpa Bignonioides



For further information those who are interested are kindly requested to address the Green Service – tel 25 588694 or tel. 25 340380